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Unusual Thoughts & Experiences

Having unusual thoughts or experiences, including but not limited to psychosis, schizophrenia, and/or schizoaffective disorder, often creates stress and confusion for individuals and family members. Of all mental health challenges, these unusual thoughts and experiences are some of the most stigmatized, misunderstood, and unfairly judged. Treatment from many therapists and facilities can sometimes be ineffective and even traumatic. This realm of mental health requires a therapist who has a level of expertise in treating those with unusual thought patterns.

How Can Unusual Thoughts and Experiences Affect Your Life?

Confusion and embarrassment frequently accompany thoughts that feel overwhelming and sometimes out-of-touch with reality. Such thoughts can leave you paranoid of others, constantly worried about your health, and even suspicious of suggested medications. Behaviors that help you cope are sometimes viewed as odd, bizarre, or even threatening to others. For the individual experiencing these unusual thoughts, simply going through the motions of day-to-day life can feel tremendously exhausting and scary. 

How Can Therapy Help?

Too often, the strengths and capabilities of individuals are overlooked, simply because their thoughts and experiences are viewed as odd or bizarre. Sometimes, difficulty communicating and socializing can add to the challenge of reaching your fullest potential. Entering therapy designed particularly for people with unusual thoughts and/or experiences centers on bringing healing to both you and your family, while helping to find the best coping strategies to manage distressing thoughts and experiences. 

What To Expect in Therapy Sessions

As a therapist specializing in treating this patient population, I believe in compassionate treatment that is rooted in the best science. Together, we can help identify strategies for coping with distressing thoughts and experiences that will help you thrive in family, work, and community situations. In sessions, we will explore changes that you want to make to reduce stress, which will help to decrease your distressing thoughts, sounds, and sights. Many times, both adults and teens find that having family or close friends participate in therapy can be helpful. Of course, there will be plenty of time to focus on your own goals and needs. In the end, the main goal of these sessions is to work to understand your pain, and more importantly, develop your potential.


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