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Hiking in Nature

What is Nature Therapy?

Nature therapy is grounded in the belief that connecting with the natural world can positively impact your mental health. It encourages individuals to engage in outdoor activities, mindfulness, and reflection in natural settings. For example, a nature therapy session may take place on a hike through a National Park. You may begin the session by going on a mindful walk through the greenery and engaging your senses by feeling the earth beneath your feet and the sounds and smells around you. You may also participate in mindful observation exercises, further connecting with nature. Through these experiences, individuals often discover a renewed sense of calm, clarity, and perspective. 

Goals of Nature Therapy

My primary goal for our nature therapy sessions is to help guide you and your family through a transformative experience. I want you to feel supported as you find your way through challenging emotional landscapes, find inspiration, and gather effective coping skills for stress. Nature, with its inherent healing power, will be an amazing tool in creating a safe and nurturing space for your personal growth. 

About The Consult

This one hour session will aid in the planning process of choosing a location for your Nature Therapy session, such as a National Park. I will assist you in understanding how to gather details on your Nature Therapy logistics, such as trails, National Park ternaries, and weather updates for National Parks. We will have a discussion on how to learn and practice mindfulness techniques to optimize mental health benefits of your Nature Therapy trip. Finally, you will receive a follow up email after the session with links and a summary of resources.

Join me for your first nature therapy consultation! Fee: $100 for a 1-hour consultation. Schedule below!


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If you've read this far, you know something about this time feels different. You're wanting to reach out and have a conversation to discover what change can feel like. 

My consultation is free, so click below to schedule now. Calls and texts are welcome, anytime of the day or night. I'll simply return the messages during my waking and business hours. Even if you're reading this at 3am, go ahead and click send.

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